Results listed below refer to the year the fellowship begins, not to the year the match results are released.  For example, the 2014 fellowships listed below resulted from the match performed in 2013.  Match results will be emailed to each applicant and program director on July 1, and this list will be updated at a later date.

Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery


Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children/Orlando Health, Pediatric Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
Fellowship Training Program – Dr. Paul Bermudez
Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) – Dr. Karen Carver
El Paso Cleft and Craniofacial Fellowship – Dr. Lance Thompson
Florida Craniofacial Institute – Dr. Troy Lam
LSU Health Sciences Center, Shreveport – Dr. Mohamed Bayoumy


Head & Neck Oncology Fellowships


John Peter Smith Hospital – Dr. Raymond Shupak
Louisiana State University – Dr. Somdipto Das
North Memorial Hospital and Hubert Humphrey Cancer Center – Dr. Anthony Bianchi
Providence Cancer Institute – Dr. Andrew Baker
University of Alabama at Birmingham - Dr. Kelly Sayre
University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville
– Dr. Alba Sanjuan
– Dr. Stacey Nedrud
University of Maryland – Dr. Gustavo Vargas
University of Miami – Dr. Frank De Latour
University of Michigan – Dr. Paul Shivers
University of Tennessee – Dr. Soheil Vahdani


Louisiana State University - Dr. Ricardo Lugo
North Memorial Hospital - Dr. Kaushik Sharma
University of Florida - Dr. Anastasiya Quimby,  Dr. Yoram Fleissig
University of Maryland - Dr. Paolo Cariati
University of Miami - Dr. Neel Patel
University of Tennessee - Dr. Benjamin Hechler


Head and Neck Surgical Associates - Dr. Philip Harrison
John Peter Smith Hospital - Dr. Dan Hammer
Louisiana State University - Dr. Neel Patel
University of Florida - Dr. John Collin
University of Maryland - Dr. Reju Joy
University of Miami - Dr. Paul Amailuk
University of Michigan - Dr. Igor Makovey


Head and Neck Surgical Associates - Dr. Chi Viet
John Peter Smith Hospital - Dr. Roderick Kim
North Memorial Hospital - Dr. Michael Awadallah
Louisiana State University - Dr. Paul Covello
University of Florida - Dr. Kyle Ettinger
University of Maryland - Dr. Michael Nagai
University of Miami - Dr. Hisham Hatoum
University of Michigan - Dr. Justine Moe


Head and Neck Surgical Associates - Dr. Arshad Kaleem
John Peter Smith Hospital - Dr. Jason Burkes
University of Florida - Dr. Anthony Bunnell
University of Maryland - Dr. Nicholas Callahan
University of Miami - Dr. Hirsham Marwan
University of Michigan - Dr. Payam Afzali
University of Tennessee - Dr. Nadeem Esmail


Head and Neck Surgical Associates - Dr. Felix Sim
John Peter Smith Hospital - Dr. Siv Eftekhari
Louisiana State University - Dr. Ashraf Heram
University of Florida - Dr. Michael Markiewicz
University of Maryland - Dr. Steven Caldroney
University of Miami - Dr. Andre LeDoux
University of Michigan - Dr. James Murphy
University of Tennessee - Dr. Marcello Guglielmi


Head and Neck Surgical Associates - Dr. Yedeh Ying
Louisiana State University - Dr. Rabie Shanti
University of Florida - Dr. Jacob Yetzer
University of Maryland - Dr. Todd Hanna
University of Miami - Dr. Marshall Green
University of Michigan - Dr. Hans Brockhoff
University of Tennessee - Dr. Jonathan Williams