Application Instructions


Applicants must contact each program individually to apply for a fellowship.  Contact information for each program director can be found under Head & Neck Oncology and Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery.


  • Email the directors or coordinators of the fellowships you are interested in. Since not all fellowships offer positions every year, current information should be obtained from the fellowship programs directly.

  • Review the requirements and determine if you are eligible to apply for the specific fellowship, as requirements and licensure limitations vary.

  • If eligible, submit all application materials to each fellowship.


  • Arrange an interview with at least one fellowship director.

  • Complete at least one interview.

  • At or after the interview, request that the fellowship director authorize the AACMFS Match to accept your match registration. The fellowship director will give you the password to enter the AACMFS Match Registration area of this website. Do not share this password with others.


  • Complete and submit your AACMFS Match registration as described on the AACMFS Match Registration area of this website.

  • The AACMFS Match coordinator will request from the applicant a signed and dated letter addressed To Whom It May Concern that includes this language: “I will abide by the results of the AACMFS Match and will attend the fellowship program to which I have successfully matched."

  • You can pay your $90 registration fee by clicking this link.
    If you need an invoice generated for your fee, please contact the AACMFS Match Coordinator, Melissa Connor at

  • You will receive a AACMFS Match registration number by email.


  • Complete your rank list of fellowships.

  • Send the list and your registration number by email to the AACMFS Match coordinator by June 1st 2020 for fellowships beginning July 1st 2021. Due to the normal processing delays, please register for the AACMFS Match well in advance of the June 1st rank list submission deadline.

  • Once submitted, the list cannot be changed.

  • The algorithm used by AACMFS Match is the same as that utilized by the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program and the National Resident Matching Program.

  • You must receive a confirmation email to confirm your match rank list has been received. If you do not receive confirmation please contact the coordinator.


  • Await email notification of the AACMFS Match results on July 1st 2020